Why Choose Us

We offer our customers high quality services and products at the best competitive prices in the market with guaranteed quality

Entrust us your health


Our main goal is personalized service.

We are prepared to meet you and your family’s medication needs, treating each patient with respect, provide professional advice and refer you to the appropriate healthcare facilities. As an independent pharmacy chain, we will work hard to truly cater to individualized needs, questions, and concerns.

Theopharma Import

Theopharma provides turnkey solutions for warehousing and logistics needs, with the help of leading technologies and MOH-approved warehouses.

All logistics operations are up to the highest standards, with the aim of obtaining GDP and GSP certification in the near future.


To have a strong team of professionals and continuously develop our employees’ skills and encourage workplace learning we have put an effective staff training program for every employee, team, department and activity of a company.


We offer a wide variety choice of frames for men and women, bringing you the latest collections from all the top brands including Ray-Ban, Tom Ford, Nikitana, Vizzini, Amshare, Victory and many more․


Theopharma works with many of the world’s leading companies through various agreements, partnerships and joint ventures.